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Sandwich Love in Shape, not Fillings

Cafe Angelique (68 Bleecker St, NY, NY) looks tasty enough; there is a big display of sandwiches wrapped in plastic, cute little tables with people happily munching away and a chalkboard with today’s specials. Everything indicates that sandwiches are one of the main attractions, (in addition to coffee and cakes) so they should be good. This is the challenge of discovering great sandwiches: looks are deceiving. The sandwiches at Cafe Angelique are not good, in fact, they’re bland, mediocre and uninspired. These are the kind of sandwiches that are made, just to lure people into the shop so that they’ll buy a $4 frozen coffee drink, “Icegeliquie” (which is actually very tasty). The sandwiches here are for show only, don’t bother ordering any. It’s better to go hungry or have a coffee than spend money on these.

The sandwiches by definition aren’t that bad, but the construction is awful. The tapenade soaks through, the chicken is mushified by veggies, and the side salads are soggy (who wants side salad? If I wanted a salad I would have ordered one!). The only upside was that the bread was perfectly toasted and crunchy. Instead of the 12 sandwich offerings on the menu, I would have been much happier with 3 or 4 sandwiches that are done properly: no soggy tapenade, no boring side salad and no mushy fillings that seem like they were scooped from a huge vat made the night before.

Spicy Chicken with mixed greens, cucumber and tomato ($7.95): Cut in a heart. How cute. Too bad they don’t love sandwiches enough to make them delicious AND hearty
Chicken Sandwich

It tasted as mushy and pre-chewed as it looks!
Chicken Sandwich Side Shot

Ham and Swiss Croissant ($3.95) The best sandwich of test!
ham and swiss croissant

It got a bit flattened during toasting, but it’s was better than being cold:

Vegan Angelique: avocado, mixed greens, tomato, sprouts and olive tapenade on 7 grain bread ($7.95). Look how the olive tapenade soaks through the bread. Gross!
vegan sandwich

Too much lettuce is pushing all the wet ingredients into the soggy bread!
Vegan sandwich -s ide shot

Cafe Angelique on Urbanspoon

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