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Since April 2007, SimplySandwiches has been a blog celebrating sandwiches. Only sandwiches. Almost only celebration. There may be occasional diatribes on crunchy bread or cheap lunch meats, but they will always be in the context of sandwiches. The vast majority of posts here will be reveling in the awesome power of sandwiches. Since all great endeavors need a mission statement, or mantra, here’s mine:

Celebrate sandwiches.

Sandwiches are the most flexible and alluring of the food categories. Nothing else comes close. Meatloaf? Steaks? Tofurky? No way. Sandwiches. Just sandwiches. When I’ve lost my focus on sandwiches and begin writing about soup (or kangaroos), strike me down. When, like a married couple, after years of suffocating intimacy, I’ve begun to take sandwiches for granted and the tone of writing is blase, strike me down. This blog will be fun; it will be happy; it is a celebration! After all, we have sandwiches!

If you liked a post, hated a post, or want to let me know about a sandwich I need to try, drop me a line: