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Salty Fish ‘Wich

Now that you know all about the wichcraft book, let’s move on to the only real test of a book that matters: are the sandwiches delicious? We picked one of the more approachable recipes and whipped it up in the SANDWICHLab. marinated white anchovies, with soft-cooked egg, roasted onions, salsa verde and frisee The recipe […]

‘Wichcraft: A Book to Make you Proud (Sandwiches)

Sandwich books are tough. They have to walk the fine line between obvious spread-the-peanut-butter-and-jelly type recipes and the impossible bake-the-bread-from-scratch-while-the-pig-grows-up. Both extremes are a complete waste of time: easy sandwiches need no explanation and impossible sandwiches recipes are so time-consuming that they’ll never get made. The ‘wichcraft book does a great job staying fancy with […]