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Transnational Aroma and Eggs

Aroma Espresso Bar is a global chain with franchises all over both the US and Israel. I went to the one in Netanya, but apparently the menu is basically the same as the one on Houston st in New York City. Weird huh? Call me old-fashioned but I still think it’s weird to go half-way […]

Three Pigs Make One Magic Sandwich

Anthony Bourdain said it was “the best sandwich in america” and the “apex of the sandwich making art.” This is what first drew me to the three little pigs: if bourdain says it’s so good, I want to taste it. Thankfully, the ingredients aren’t so exotic and are much cheaper than a flight to Chicago. […]

Grandaisy Bakery – It’s All About the Bread

I’ve got to get this out of the way up front – I hate the name “Grandaisy“. This bakery used to be called the Sullivan Street Bakery – a nice, professional-sounding, New York kind of name. But even before it moved away from Sullivan Street (and, happily, closer to my office), it adopted this new […]

Salumeria is Italian for ‘Heaven’

From the outside Salumeria Biellese (376-378 8th ave, at 29th st.) looks like any old deli. Actually, from the inside it looks generic too: a bit run down with faded plastic menus and hand-written specials. Thank god, or people would discover the secret: it’s not generic — they serve up incredibly tasty Italian cold cuts […]

Sandwich School: Eisenberg Takes Us Back to Basics

Eisenberg’s Deli (174 5th Ave, between 22nd & 23rd St) is the kind of old-fashioned New York deli all the tourist traps try to replicate. They wind up adding too much kitsch and not enough flavor. Eisenberg is the real deal. It’s got lots of old-fashioned signs advertising egg creams and chopped liver and other […]

Champ’s Gourmet Deli is My Work-Lunch Champ

Champ’s Gourmet Deli (71 Broadway, NY, NY) is a bustling hive of downtown sandwich love, often full of brokers and traders (WAY downtown.) I went for lunch on Thursday around noon and was apprehensive of the lunch rush from bankers and tourists. Thankfully, they work at a blistering speed and it wasn’t terribly crowded (most […]