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Season of Liquid Sandwiches

NY Mag’s Ice Cream Sandwich Roundup gives a good index of ice cream sandwiches in the city! Hooray! (Picture shamelessly stolen from a previous post)

Blue Bunny Goes to Sedona, Forgets Flavor

Once upon a time there was a crappy, crowded street corner in midtown-west, Manhattan. It was bustling with tourists and cube-dwellers scouting the next big spandex hit. Life was drab and colorless. Then one hot summer day, Blue Bunny decided to launch a cross-promotion with Sedona, rent a truck and hand out free frozen yogurt sandwiches to all!

Season of Liquid Sandwiches: Blue Bunny

I was walking the halls at work the other day and spied one of those amazing futuristic ice cream machines with the little freezer inside and the magic suction tentacle. Then I spied the biggest pre-packaged ice cream sandwich I’ve ever seen: the blue bunny. This puppy is mammoth. So, I got one for $1.25 […]

Season of Liquid Sandwiches: Soy Dream

Next on my journey for ice cream sandwich omnipotence is this sorry excuse for the real thing. No mater what those hippy vegans say, soy “ice cream” still tastes like cardboard (just like those soy dogs — disgusting). It continues to amaze me that we can send people to the moon and launch robots to […]

Season of Liquid Sandwiches: Dairy Queen

Everyone started chanting “DQ! DQ! DQ!” and off to DQ we went. I wasn’t too excited since they serve mostly ice cream and not sandwiches, which is like heresy in the church of sandwich. Someone asked me what I wanted and I started reading the menu while beginning to decline, “oh, noth — “, and […]

Season of Liquid Sandwiches

Want a delicious sandwich, but the insane humidity and heat has ruined your cheese? Is everyone eating ice cream cones and you feel left out? No need to fear, grab a tasty ice cream sandwich and join the summertime fun! Over the coming weeks, I’ll be reviewing all the ice cream sandwiches I can find. […]