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Category Archives: dinner

Lusicous Pork Party

Luscious (59 5th ave, Park Slope, Brooklyn 11217) looks like a high-end kitchen. You can tell that the focus is on the food. The tables and chairs, while perfectly fine, are clearly not the attraction. The point is the huge menu on the wall and the prepared food in the case. Judging by the decor […]

Keep Meatball Shopping

At The Meatball Shop (84 Stanton St. at Allen, NY, NY) you can get meatballs any way you like: on a salad, on top of Spaghetti, in a sandwich or just plain “naked balls” (I’m ready for the search traffic to be disappointed). I love places that are this focused, “do one thing and do […]

Five Guys is Greasy Good

I usually shy away from chain joints, but everyone gets kind of giddy when they mention Five Guys (locations everywhere, FG6, 36 West 48th Street). They always flash a “should we split a Toblerone? OMG, should we do it?” glance if you even entertain their suggestion. It’s almost a dare, not quite, but almost. Anyhow, […]

This Little Piggie is a Beefy Genius

“This Little Piggy Had Roast Beef” ( 149 First Ave., near 9th st, ) is a weird name for a sandwich joint that doesn’t even sell pork. I guess they want you to visualize a piggy eating beef, but much like chick-fil-a’s creepy ad campaigns, animals aware of us eating other animals just seems wrong. […]

Smoke Joint Smoke’s ’em

Went to Smoke Joint (87 South Elliott Place, Brooklyn, NY) and got some pulled pork and some chopped beef (both $7.50) sandwiches. Both were fantastic: succulent and flavorful. The bread did a great job holding the filling in and didn’t hide any of the meaty taste. Sides were tasty too, but who cares about them? […]

Stand Down and Step Away from the Grill

Stand4 (24 East 12th st, between University Pl and 5th ave) is some kind of mix between a French bistro and an American burger joint. It sounds nice but comes off a bit like a cafeteria. Or maybe it was all the kids eating with their parents that did that. There are lots of kids, […]