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Category Archives: history

The history of sandwiches and sandwich related topics.

Last Call for the Artisanal Grilled Cheese Contest

Only 45 minutes to submit your grilled cheese masterpiece to the contest! Post it to their facebook wall before 5pm EST!

Sandwich Month

Apparently August is sandwich month. Isn’t this exciting? When I heard about it I was totally psyched, and then I looked around and found that, no it’s not a federal holiday, no I still have to go to work, no I still have to pay taxes and no my sandwiches still end. Furthermore, it shares […]

Sandwich-y Origins

This blog will honor sandwiches in all their delicious glory. It will be a celebration; a festival; a sandwichy orgy. Some posts will be inconsistent: crunchy at times and soft at others. Some will be meaty and some will be lighter and fluffy. As a whole, I hope it’ll be as delicious as the subject […]