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Transnational Aroma and Eggs

Aroma Espresso Bar is a global chain with franchises all over both the US and Israel. I went to the one in Netanya, but apparently the menu is basically the same as the one on Houston st in New York City. Weird huh? Call me old-fashioned but I still think it’s weird to go half-way […]

Carbs on Carbs: Japanese Rice Burger

This won’t be a full review, but I found a strange sandwich experience that deserves a mention here on Simply Sandwiches. Sunrise Mart (494 Broome St.), is a small Japanese market offering groceries, sushi, and prepared lunches. They have bento boxes and onigiri, sushi and curry – and now, a rice “burger” ($8.49 with fries). […]

Piknik Szendvics: Adorable Hungarian Finger Sandwiches

I was lucky enough to be in Budapest recently and set myself to see what kinds of beef stew, paprika inspired sandwiches they were cooking up. After walking around for a few days, descending into withdrawal I finally found my fix: Piknik Szendvics (Budapest, Haris köz 1)! Now, I don’t speak Hungarian, but I’m pretty […]

France Falls to the Power of the American Sandwich

Finally, France has fallen to the power of the sandwich: the great American hamburger. A few silly inconsistencies (improvements?):  “nine out of 10 people use knife and fork.” “Ketchup does not automatically come with a burger. If requested, it may appear in a porcelain bowl.” “She’s kneaded a mixture of chopped sun-dried tomatoes and tangy […]

Nederlandse liefdesandwiches: Finally a Perfect Basil, Tomato and Mozzarella Sandwich

To conclude our feature on Dutch sandwiches, I have a fine beauty that is often thrown together rather haphazardly: the tomato, basil and mozzarella. You see this sandwich everywhere (Cosi calls it the ‘TBM’) and it’s a staple foodstuff for vegetarians on the move. In the states, these are awful, soggy bland sandwiches. The mozzarella […]

Nederlandse liefdesandwiches: The National Raw Fish ‘Wich

Dotting the canals and beltways of Amsterdam are these “haringhuis”, or herring stands. In these little stands ladies gut and clean fresh herrings to make herring sandwiches, the so-called national dish of the Netherlands. Let me repeat that: The NATIONAL DISH of the Netherlands is a raw herring sandwich. I will happily become a single-issue […]