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Ruhlman Refines the BLT

Food journalist and chef Michael Ruhlman held a very intense BLT sandwich contest: all ingredients had to be home made. Straight from the contest post: From scratch means: You grow your tomato, you grow your lettuce, you cure your own bacon or pancetta, you bake your own bread (wild yeast preferred and gets higher marks […]

Skinny Girls Big Sandwiches

This site (skinnygirlsbigsandwiches) is both hilarious and completely mesmerizing. Actually, it’s not that strange: what else would you want to look at online? Ladies: skinnyboysbigsandwiches is still available! Get it started! Gender-unidentified: genderunidentiedpeoplebigsandwiches is also still available! Go go gadget sandwich-blog!

Bourdain Declares Triple-Pork and Eggs the ‘Best Sandwich in America’

Food commentator and icon/personal hero Anthony Bourdain let loose such a string of superlatives that I may even be bested. He declares “This is a work of genius, in an evil way […] A two-fisted symphony of pork, cheese, fat, and starch […] that sandwich is the greatest sandwich in America. This is the apex […]

What Does Playboy Know About Sandwiches?

Here we go again: another list, by another crappy magazine trying to capitalize on sandwich fame. I’m no prude, I like pretty girls as much as the next guy, but what does airbrushed pictures have to do with sandwiches? Are you kidding? People really DO read the articles? Anyhow, they released this list of “America’s […]

Political Sandwiches

As much as I don’t like reposting other’s news, this is too good to pass up: Shiv Sena, the ultra-right Hindu nationalist party in India, has launched a global brand of snack food called the Shiv Vada — a sandwich containing deep-fried potato ball. They want to make it as popular as hamburgers. From Boing […]

Tasting Table’s Best Sandwich @ Rye

Tasting Table sent out a highlight of a remarkable, or so they say, sandwich from Rye (247 S. First St. (between Roebling and Havemeyer sts.), Brooklyn). Now I’m pretty skeptical of this kind of product placement, usually it’s the work of PR firms and secret industry hand-shakes, but this one caught my eye/stomach: The glorious, […]