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Category Archives: recession

Mexican Sandwich Throwdown

Ok, it’s not really a throwdown – everyone’s a winner when it comes to delicious Mexican sandwiches. Since moving to Sunset Park, I’ve been ravenously sampling the neighborhood’s torta offerings. A torta is a beast of a sandwich – a round white roll piled with (usually) one or more meats, white cheese, refried beans, lettuce, […]

Artisanal Woos the Masses with Grilled Cheese Contest and Facebook Page

When Artisanal updated their menu to be more recession-friendly at the end of last year, we teased them about it through big bites of delicious cheddar-bacon-and-apple grilled cheese. The sandwiches were delicious. Who better to master the grilled cheese than a place with a cheese cave? Can we call co-proprietor Terrance Brennan cheese-man now? Dum […]

San Antonio Bakery Keeps it Simple and Delicious

While choice is all well and good (see Bierkraft), sometimes a huge sandwich selection gives me a case of menu anxiety. The menus at sub-par Manhattan delis, for example, generally leave me stammering “G7…uh no wait…P2!” only to end up with some kind of god-awful chicken salad wrap. So, when someone saves me all that […]

Piknik Szendvics: Adorable Hungarian Finger Sandwiches

I was lucky enough to be in Budapest recently and set myself to see what kinds of beef stew, paprika inspired sandwiches they were cooking up. After walking around for a few days, descending into withdrawal I finally found my fix: Piknik Szendvics (Budapest, Haris köz 1)! Now, I don’t speak Hungarian, but I’m pretty […]

Change We Can Believe In: Artisanal’s Grilled Cheese Bar

Food snobs at New York Magazine are lamenting that Artisanal (2 Park Ave, NY, NY) has included a “grilled cheese bar” into their lunch menu. Oh boo boo boo, they can’t make ends meet so they are serving sandwiches. Please, NY Mag, get off your high horse and hear the muffled cheers of the people: […]

Of All the Busswords they Forgot ‘Delicious’

Dogmatic Sausage Systems (26 East 17th St, NY, NY) is a cute little hotdog joint. While most hotdog vendors (indoor and out) are a little grimy, a little tough and a little worn around the edges, the first thing you’ll notice about Dogmatic is that it’s bright and shiny. It’s got a fancy design, one […]