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Ruhlman Refines the BLT

Food journalist and chef Michael Ruhlman held a very intense BLT sandwich contest: all ingredients had to be home made. Straight from the contest post: From scratch means: You grow your tomato, you grow your lettuce, you cure your own bacon or pancetta, you bake your own bread (wild yeast preferred and gets higher marks […]

Salty Fish ‘Wich

Now that you know all about the wichcraft book, let’s move on to the only real test of a book that matters: are the sandwiches delicious? We picked one of the more approachable recipes and whipped it up in the SANDWICHLab. marinated white anchovies, with soft-cooked egg, roasted onions, salsa verde and frisee The recipe […]

SANDWICHLab: Meatball Mysteries and a Lesson in Sauce Control

Meatballs are a deli staple. Sure, they’re delicious and meaty, but who really knows the REAL meatball? The one behind all the riff-raff? Everyone loves meatballs, and yet, sometimes they bite back. Sometimes they are so laden with sauce that the bread gets uncomfortably soggy and disintegrates. Sometimes, when your karma’s running low and you […]

NPR on “The Art of Sandwich-Making”

Kevin Weeks, who runs Seriously Good, wrote a nice overview piece about sandwiches for NPR, The Art of Sandwich-Making. The SANDWICHLab (submit or read) used one of his recipes to make delicious grilled cheese. A lot of the article is basic information, but he makes two good assertions. First, his definition of sandwiches, (which I […]

Croque Monsieur Me!

The NY Times food column “Feed Me” has an article about the Croque Monsieur at Bar Boulud, the upscale “slice of pig heaven” from Daniel Boulud. Actually, most of the article is about the authors summer drinking habits, but eventually he gets around to watching the sous-chef at Bar Boulud make a Croque Monsieur. I […]