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Category Archives: SANDWICHLab

Chicken Salad is Leftover Love

I know it’s late, but I found these photos of a delicious Rosh Hashana leftover sandwich celebration. We were having some matzoh ball soup and realized our meal was horribly incomplete without a side of sandwich. We found some extra chicken in the fridge slapped it with some mayo, eggs, celery and lemon and viola […]

Braised Short Ribs are Bon Appetit

A few weeks back a fellow sandwich enthusiast and I entered the SANDWICHLab and undertook no small challenge: make some braised short rib sandwiches. We grabbed some cheap short ribs, ‘rustic’ bread, montery jack, arugula and some veggies for the braising liquid and let it simmer for a few hours. Yeah, hours, that’s how much […]

Salty Fish ‘Wich

Now that you know all about the wichcraft book, let’s move on to the only real test of a book that matters: are the sandwiches delicious? We picked one of the more approachable recipes and whipped it up in the SANDWICHLab. marinated white anchovies, with soft-cooked egg, roasted onions, salsa verde and frisee The recipe […]

Three Pigs Make One Magic Sandwich

Anthony Bourdain said it was “the best sandwich in america” and the “apex of the sandwich making art.” This is what first drew me to the three little pigs: if bourdain says it’s so good, I want to taste it. Thankfully, the ingredients aren’t so exotic and are much cheaper than a flight to Chicago. […]

Artisanal’s Grilled Cheese Contest Winner

Artisanal announced the winner of their grilled cheese sandwich contest. The winner was Eric Zawacki from and his recipe had Taleggio, Cherry Mostarda And Arugula Grilled Cheese Sandwich. A sandwich full-salute to you, Eric! His sandwich will be on Artisanal’s menu for a while. Anyone try it yet? Let the world know how it actually […]

SANDWICHLab: Meatball Mysteries and a Lesson in Sauce Control

Meatballs are a deli staple. Sure, they’re delicious and meaty, but who really knows the REAL meatball? The one behind all the riff-raff? Everyone loves meatballs, and yet, sometimes they bite back. Sometimes they are so laden with sauce that the bread gets uncomfortably soggy and disintegrates. Sometimes, when your karma’s running low and you […]