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Ruhlman Refines the BLT

Food journalist and chef Michael Ruhlman held a very intense BLT sandwich contest: all ingredients had to be home made. Straight from the contest post: From scratch means: You grow your tomato, you grow your lettuce, you cure your own bacon or pancetta, you bake your own bread (wild yeast preferred and gets higher marks […]

Skinny Girls Big Sandwiches

This site (skinnygirlsbigsandwiches) is both hilarious and completely mesmerizing. Actually, it’s not that strange: what else would you want to look at online? Ladies: skinnyboysbigsandwiches is still available! Get it started! Gender-unidentified: genderunidentiedpeoplebigsandwiches is also still available! Go go gadget sandwich-blog!

Sandwich Wars: Scanwich vs. Scanwiches

What a strange and bizarre world it is when everyone goes bananas for sandwiches all at once. So much enthusiasm is fantastic, finally the sandwich will have it’s time in the spotlight! So much enthusiasm brings lots of new players to the field and they, apparently, lack creativity. Just like Unbreaded (see below), food blog […]

Sandwich Wars: Unbreaded, the glossy version of SimplySandwiches

A friend tipped me off to Unbreaded, a sandwich site that is incredibly similar to yours truly. Sure sandwiches are universal, but their site matches an alarming amount or organization and content: sections: my “regional correspondent” is called “unbread your city” taglines: “Sandwich reviews, news, interviews and recipes” vs. “Reviews, theory, discussion and news” language: […]

Scanwich: Beautiful Sandwich Scans

Scanwiches is a cute tumblr blog that posts only pictures of scanned sandwiches. They’re not nearly as gross as you’d think and some are quite beautiful (like this lobster roll)

Croque Monsieur Me!

The NY Times food column “Feed Me” has an article about the Croque Monsieur at Bar Boulud, the upscale “slice of pig heaven” from Daniel Boulud. Actually, most of the article is about the authors summer drinking habits, but eventually he gets around to watching the sous-chef at Bar Boulud make a Croque Monsieur. I […]