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Category Archives: summer

Marvelous Mortadella Monster

I wandered into Bottega Falai (267 Lafayette St) totally clueless. I was hungry, it was lunchtime and they have that minimalist all-white design with all items in tiny-bottles that just screams ‘European’, and my was I hungry for some European food. I looked around and didn’t see much of anything beyond the anemic little panninis […]

Schnitzel and Things Truck Rocks the Schnitzelwich

We are living in a food revolution. The food truck has graduated from run of the mill halal carts (not you Famous Cart) to full-blown mobile kitchen good eats. If you’ve been in NYC recently you’ve noticed the parade of nicely painted food carts taking their spots around town selling everything from dessert (ice cream […]

Scare Away E. Coli with Mini-Burgers at L’Orange Bleu

Amid the scare of the mysterious horrible power of E. Coli everyone’s whispering “don’t eat the hamburgers!” Generally I agree, who wants to eat bits of bone fragments and intestines and spinal column? Nastybits do not a delicious sandwich make! This terror built up all week and then Sunday rolled around and I found myself […]

Season of Liquid Sandwiches

NY Mag’s Ice Cream Sandwich Roundup gives a good index of ice cream sandwiches in the city! Hooray! (Picture shamelessly stolen from a previous post)

Adopt a Crustacean at the Lobster Pound

A lobster roll delivered directly from Maine to Brooklyn.

Blue Bunny Goes to Sedona, Forgets Flavor

Once upon a time there was a crappy, crowded street corner in midtown-west, Manhattan. It was bustling with tourists and cube-dwellers scouting the next big spandex hit. Life was drab and colorless. Then one hot summer day, Blue Bunny decided to launch a cross-promotion with Sedona, rent a truck and hand out free frozen yogurt sandwiches to all!