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Category Archives: theory

When you can’t beat ’em, join ’em: Capture errant fillings by Patrolling the Border!

Back in November of 2007, we introduced the CounterForce Technique for fighting filling creep. The gist of it is that to keep all your fillings, you need to use your fingers to push against your bite to keep them in your sandwich. While it often works well, there are some sandwiches that are just plain […]

‘Wich Plot: Conquer the world with delicious sandwiches

Analysis is love. I love sandwiches. Ergo, I analyze Sandwiches. This is the first version of an attempt to better understand sandwiches. All good analysis is easily summarized into a 2×2 plot that somehow includes everything. For sandwiches this manifests as the “‘Wich PlotĀ©” and shows all sandwiches in the context of “Strategy” and “Execution”. […]

Who Controls Sandwich Innovation?

Ever wonder why all deli’s seem to have the same boring sandwiches? Ever wonder why sandwich innovation seems to have ground to a halt in delis? Maybe it’s becuase these are the best ways to eat these sandwiches, they are the best combinations of ingredients. Or maybe it’s because someone is manipulating them all behind […]

The Life and Times of the Sandwich

Every biology book ever printed includes pen drawings of an animal lifecycles. They show the little creatures being born, evolving through a few brief stages of life and then dying. Biologists make these kinds of documentation out of devotion and wonder. Put on your biology hat, add a heaping spoonful of religious reverence and consider […]

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Sandwiches

A sandwichy reader sent in this brilliant adaption of Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs into sandwiches, written by Andrew Neuendorf. I think we can all agree that this makes Maslow’s original hierarchy MUCH easier to understand. I don’t know why Mr. Maslow didn’t build it around sandwiches in the first place. He calls himself a psychologist […]

Table of Condiments (Pierodically Going Bad)

A sandwichy reader sent in this cute table of condiments (that periodically go bad). It’s a fantastic re-purposing of some boring science relic for practical and important use: sandwiches! Apparently “The concept and design was by Dana Arnett, Ken Fox, Fletcher Martin and John Naresky of VSA Partners, Chicago.” Since the source page didn’t own […]