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Category Archives: vegetarian

Take the Crosby Connection to ‘Wichland

Ever since this blog has been around one place has stayed on the ‘wichlist: Crosby Connection (45 Bleecker St, New York, NY). Back then it was a little shop on Crosby Street, where it hits Bleecker. I’ve tried a handful of times to visit it but every time it was closed for one reason or […]

Hi-Rise Rises the Bar [sic]

One glorious holiday afternoon I went to Hi Rise (208 Concord Avenue, Cambridge, MA) and sampled their amazing sandwiches. While it’s a bakery first, they’ve gone bonkers and decided to sell sandwiches, coffee and wine. What else could you want? Obviously all their sandwiches use their amazing breads, but many also use other delicious house-made […]

Carbs on Carbs: Japanese Rice Burger

This won’t be a full review, but I found a strange sandwich experience that deserves a mention here on Simply Sandwiches. Sunrise Mart (494 Broome St.), is a small Japanese market offering groceries, sushi, and prepared lunches. They have bento boxes and onigiri, sushi and curry – and now, a rice “burger” ($8.49 with fries). […]

Grandaisy Bakery – It’s All About the Bread

I’ve got to get this out of the way up front – I hate the name “Grandaisy“. This bakery used to be called the Sullivan Street Bakery – a nice, professional-sounding, New York kind of name. But even before it moved away from Sullivan Street (and, happily, closer to my office), it adopted this new […]

Financier: Not Just for Les Vegetarians

When I worked in the financial district, I was a vegetarian. Maybe working around all those cut-throat lawyers led me to a gentler diet? While good vegetarian options do exist, even in that neighborhood, it can be hard to find meals that really shine. At Financier Patisserie (62 Stone Street, NYC), an excellent patisserie and […]

Nederlandse liefdesandwiches: Finally a Perfect Basil, Tomato and Mozzarella Sandwich

To conclude our feature on Dutch sandwiches, I have a fine beauty that is often thrown together rather haphazardly: the tomato, basil and mozzarella. You see this sandwich everywhere (Cosi calls it the ‘TBM’) and it’s a staple foodstuff for vegetarians on the move. In the states, these are awful, soggy bland sandwiches. The mozzarella […]