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Category Archives: winter

Philly Cheesesteak Throwdown

It was way past lunchtime and I was wandering around east market street near Penn’s Landing (whatever that is). It was cold and there was a stiff wind blowing, my spirits were low after many hours at constitution hall when just then god smiled down on me and revealed the fruits of my labor: two […]

Braised Short Ribs are Bon Appetit

A few weeks back a fellow sandwich enthusiast and I entered the SANDWICHLab and undertook no small challenge: make some braised short rib sandwiches. We grabbed some cheap short ribs, ‘rustic’ bread, montery jack, arugula and some veggies for the braising liquid and let it simmer for a few hours. Yeah, hours, that’s how much […]

SANDWICHLab: Meatball Mysteries and a Lesson in Sauce Control

Meatballs are a deli staple. Sure, they’re delicious and meaty, but who really knows the REAL meatball? The one behind all the riff-raff? Everyone loves meatballs, and yet, sometimes they bite back. Sometimes they are so laden with sauce that the bread gets uncomfortably soggy and disintegrates. Sometimes, when your karma’s running low and you […]

Open Face Season for Purple Parm

It was a dark and stormy winter day in New York. The wind was blowing and the windows rattled! Oooh! Thankfully I didn’t leave the house all day and instead had an old friend for dinner: eggplant parmesan! Hooray! This recipe comes from the incredibly in-depth book, Beautiful Breads and Fabulous Fillings: The Best Sandwiches […]