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Simply Sandwiches is proud to announce the opening of the SANDWICHLab Advanced Nucleus for the Discovery of Worthy Ingredients and Choice Happiness Laboratory, or SANDWICHLab for short. The SANDWICHLab will test sandwich recipes and report on their sandwichy success and failure. It’s an analytical outlet for understanding sandwiches and refining their already near-perfect structure. It’s a safe outlet to suggest insane combinations (like sauted pork rinds with tahini sauce on a bagel).

For the SANDWICHLab to be successful, I need YOU to submit sandwich recipes, sandwich ideas, sandwich thoughts!

If you’re looking for all experiments run in the sandwich lab, check here.


  • Favorite sandwich recipes
  • Sandwiches or sandwich ideas you want to test
  • Ingredients or ingredient combinations you are curious about
  • Sandwich phenomenons that perplex