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Double Eagle, Cost and Taste

Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse (1221 6th ave, at 49th St., New York, NY) is where bankers and media moguls go for business lunches and where they take their clients for dinner. The menu is headlined by $50 steaks, lobsters and expensive wine. I was there for the burger. They just began selling it a […]

Five Guys is Greasy Good

I usually shy away from chain joints, but everyone gets kind of giddy when they mention Five Guys (locations everywhere, FG6, 36 West 48th Street). They always flash a “should we split a Toblerone? OMG, should we do it?” glance if you even entertain their suggestion. It’s almost a dare, not quite, but almost. Anyhow, […]

Stand Down and Step Away from the Grill

Stand4 (24 East 12th st, between University Pl and 5th ave) is some kind of mix between a French bistro and an American burger joint. It sounds nice but comes off a bit like a cafeteria. Or maybe it was all the kids eating with their parents that did that. There are lots of kids, […]

An Open Letter to Bacon

Dearest Bacon, Where do I begin? You’ve gotten so popular these days. Well, you and your twin brother, Pork Belly. Why does he get all the fancy gigs? It seems like every upscale joint in town is dropping him on the menu. Why does he get all the fame? I know it upsets you so, […]

ShakeShack Presents the Uber-Burger

Everyone loves to sit in Madison Square Park and grin at the city spinning around them. It’s an old fact. Everyone loves Shake Shack. Another aging fact.  Everyone grumbles about the line. Also a fact. The hamburgers are delicious. Fact again. The towering mountain of meat, cheese and deep fried mushrooms known as the “Shack […]

France Falls to the Power of the American Sandwich

Finally, France has fallen to the power of the sandwich: the great American hamburger. A few silly inconsistencies (improvements?):  “nine out of 10 people use knife and fork.” “Ketchup does not automatically come with a burger. If requested, it may appear in a porcelain bowl.” “She’s kneaded a mixture of chopped sun-dried tomatoes and tangy […]