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Philly Cheesesteak Throwdown

It was way past lunchtime and I was wandering around east market street near Penn’s Landing (whatever that is). It was cold and there was a stiff wind blowing, my spirits were low after many hours at constitution hall when just then god smiled down on me and revealed the fruits of my labor: two […]

Shorty’s is Close, Comes up Short Delicious

Shorty’s aka “Tony Lukes” (576 9th Ave, NYC; between 41st and 42nd st) is another place I want to love. Cheap beer, decent selection and cheesesteaks. Cheesesteaks. Just the word makes me relax. I can almost feel the wiz and beef fat coating the inside of my mouth (okay, okay, “wiz in the mouth” sounds […]

BB Sandwich Bar Cheats at Cheesesteak

What is it about cheesesteaks that make them so confident? Perhaps it’s the masses of meat and cheese or perhaps it’s the incredible man-points one gains by eating cheesesteak or maybe it’s just something in the personality of someone who opens a cheesesteak joint, they seem to love aggressive slogans. BB’s Sandwich Bar (120 W […]

Captain Wogie, Bringer of Delicious

Oh (Amazing) Wogies (39 Greenwich Ave, New York, NY). How sweet the taste. That saved a wretch like me. I was lost but now I see. Oh Wogies. Your cheesesteaks are incredible. They’re not like others (see 99 Miles to Philly and Carls Steaks): not greasy or terrible food-coma inducing. They are warm and cheesy […]

Put ’em Up Carl!

A sign outside Carls Steaks (507 3rd Ave, New York) reads “AOL Voted Best Sandwich in NYC.” Bold claim, Mr. Carl, that’s a mighty bold claim. “If anyone’s up to testing it, it might as well be me”, said I. And test it I did. I marched in the next lunch day and said “Whiz […]

See Past the Grease, Through to Tasty Philly

In the spectrum of sandwiches, the Philly cheesesteak is always the mildly retarded sibling that makes everyone laugh. While it starts with reasonable ingredients: steak, cheese and maybe onions, but winds up looking like some kind of horrible disaster. It’s greasy and slimy and looks more than a little like dog food with a strange […]