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Schnitzel and Things Truck Rocks the Schnitzelwich

We are living in a food revolution. The food truck has graduated from run of the mill halal carts (not you Famous Cart) to full-blown mobile kitchen good eats. If you’ve been in NYC recently you’ve noticed the parade of nicely painted food carts taking their spots around town selling everything from dessert (ice cream […]

Fo schnitzel my ‘nitzelwich

Schnitzel Express ( 1410 Broadway, enter on 39th between Broadway and 6th ave.) looks like a chain, but I don’t think it is (neither does the interwebsites). Maybe because it’s got pretty solid branding and image with little orange logos all over the place. It’s also got an assembly line behind some glass, really official […]

Kids Love Bland Bears

KidFresh ( is a packaged food company designed to provide nutritious food for little buggers. They sell packages kids take to school and prepared home meals for kids. These two lunchable-like packages caught my eye, because they have awesomely shaped sandwiches: the bearwich and handwich! Yes, finally someone other that Burger King and MacDonalds is […]

Sandwich Love in Shape, not Fillings

Cafe Angelique (68 Bleecker St, NY, NY) looks tasty enough; there is a big display of sandwiches wrapped in plastic, cute little tables with people happily munching away and a chalkboard with today’s specials. Everything indicates that sandwiches are one of the main attractions, (in addition to coffee and cakes) so they should be good. […]

Jerk Centre: A Friendly Place for Delicious Chickens

Sometimes a sandwich fails. Sometimes they’re just not worth eating. It’s painful to say, but now and then it’s better to take the tasty parts out and salvage the meal. You have to turn to your sandwich and say “No offense sandwich, but only your delicious tender insides are worth eating.” Such was the case […]

NASA Discovers the “Only Planet that Matters:” Chicken Planet!

Chicken Planet! Even the name makes me smile. What could be a better description for what hungry people want: an entire planet of chickens, just waiting to be eaten! Yum. The perfect, direct and hyperbol-ized name aside, Chicken Planet is amazing. Right when you walk in you know they mean business. There’s not much in […]