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Lusicous Pork Party

Luscious (59 5th ave, Park Slope, Brooklyn 11217) looks like a high-end kitchen. You can tell that the focus is on the food. The tables and chairs, while perfectly fine, are clearly not the attraction. The point is the huge menu on the wall and the prepared food in the case. Judging by the decor […]

Dear Dave, Your pasta is good but your sandwiches are better

Dave’s Fresh Pasta (81 Holland Street Somerville, MA 02144) is a wonder of the jack-of-all trades neighborhood bodega/deli. They sell delicious fresh pasta and sauces, of course, but they also have a fresh produce section, beer and wine, cheese bar and most importantly, a sandwich counter. Now I was only hungry enough to try one, […]

Croque Monsieur Me!

The NY Times food column “Feed Me” has an article about the Croque Monsieur at Bar Boulud, the upscale “slice of pig heaven” from Daniel Boulud. Actually, most of the article is about the authors summer drinking habits, but eventually he gets around to watching the sous-chef at Bar Boulud make a Croque Monsieur. I […]

Leave the Zara, Take the Bocadillos

Everyone’s all in a tizzy about Zara’s high-fashion, modestly-priced clothes. Boring, dull and silly! The best thing to come out of Spain are, of course, bocadillos (“small sandwiches”). Especially from Despana (408 Broome St, New York, NY). Despana is first an imported food store and second a sandwich shop & catering service. When you walk […]