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Marvelous Mortadella Monster

I wandered into Bottega Falai (267 Lafayette St) totally clueless. I was hungry, it was lunchtime and they have that minimalist all-white design with all items in tiny-bottles that just screams ‘European’, and my was I hungry for some European food. I looked around and didn’t see much of anything beyond the anemic little panninis […]

Switch Pressed for Flavor

Walking in you get the distinct feeling that Switch Pressed Sandwiches (104 8th ave, between 15th and 16th St.) certainly has it’s niche down. Everything is green and white (even the CPR poster), plastic and glass, obscenely bathed in bright incandescent light from the ceiling. It’s not exactly cozy, but if you like curved plastic […]

Paradigm Shift: Inside-out Pannini

Via Daily Feed, the Boccalone Salumeria in San Francisco serves baguettes, turned inside out and grilled as a panini. Talk about a paradigm shift! HA HA! How strangs, the outside is warm and soft, while the crust stays on the inside. I worry that as you ate the sandwich, the crust would push the fillings […]

Bite Sandwiches Not People

Today’s double header is two panini’s from Bite (14th st, not Lafayette). Both are delicious. Bite is a great go-to spot for tasty sandwiches that aren’t too expensive ($6.25) or too experimental. They’ve got a decent menu of boring stuff (apps, salads, soups, zzzz), and a nice not-overwhelming list of hot and cold sandwiches. Aside […]