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Helloo Roasted Pork-o-Vision

The latest hubbub in the village sandwich scene is Porchetta (110 East 7th Street, just east of 1st ave); it’s a tiny two seat,  mostly-take-away nook dedicated to one thing: traditionally cooked pork, rolled with herbs and slow roasted (aka porchetta).This leaves the pork soft and juicy – and delicious. When I say dedicated, I […]

Nicky’s Tasty Bánh mì

I spend most of my day reading for delicious sandwiches online. For the past few months, Nicky’s Vietnamese Sandwiches (150 East 2nd Street, between Ave. A & B) have constantly popped up as the (or one of the) best Vietnamese sandwich (thats “Bánh mì”) joint in NYC. (Astute readers will also notice that it’s been […]