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Grandaisy Bakery – It’s All About the Bread

I’ve got to get this out of the way up front – I hate the name “Grandaisy“. This bakery used to be called the Sullivan Street Bakery – a nice, professional-sounding, New York kind of name. But even before it moved away from Sullivan Street (and, happily, closer to my office), it adopted this new […]

Financier: Not Just for Les Vegetarians

When I worked in the financial district, I was a vegetarian. Maybe working around all those cut-throat lawyers led me to a gentler diet? While good vegetarian options do exist, even in that neighborhood, it can be hard to find meals that really shine. At Financier Patisserie (62 Stone Street, NYC), an excellent patisserie and […]

Vegetarians Never Fear, the Balsamic GASP is Here!

Vegetarians (and vegans) must feel so estranged from the sandwich community. So many amazing sandwiches are chock full ‘o meat: ruben, chicken parm, po’ boy, pulled pork, italian hero, turkey club, BLT, rachel, gyro, sloppy joe, tuna melt, etc. Hell, even a basic turkey sandwich has meat in it. Faced with all these delicious meat […]